Nspired Neworking

Our Mission
“To educate the business professional with a dedicated team of networking experts using innovative techniques to Nspire the way YOU grow YOUR business.”

Our Vision is to help your business grow, without spending a lot of money.

Nspired is a training, consulting, and speaking company having worked with clients and business professionals internationally.  However, the original idea was for two accountants and BNI Directors, Amy Kilpatrick and David Crumbaugh, to write a book on networking for accountants.  Brought together through an introduction by Mark Taylor, Amy and David quickly discovered a need for training on networking.  Implementing years of experience, the Connect the Dots workshop was developed as a tool for networkers to put into action.

Nspired experienced rapid growth and in 2010, began the Nspired Trainers program, to certify qualified professionals to teach the Connect the Dots workshop across the country.

2013 will see the introduction of NspiredU.com™, the online learning community to take your networking to the next level!

Nspired continues to grow its business by implementing the systems they teach, which means 100% by referrals.  Our workshops have been implemented world wide and the Connect the Dots workshop has been translated into Dutch.

We look forward to being part of your success story!