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A Little Bit of Yesterday

Since my first high school accounting course, I knew I would spend my working career as a CPA. College and internships only added to that belief. College also led me to a second passion, broadcasting and public speaking. To fund my college weekend needs, I worked as a disk jockey. Yes, accountant and disk jockey, two professions on totally different ends of the career spectrum. I also had opportunities to do sports broadcasting for Division I college basketball and Division III college football. This experience fueled my fire to inform and entertain the public.

While working in my first accounting job, which I got through networking with a fellow church parishioner, I continued broadcasting by doing radio commercials and broadcasting on the local cable access channel.  There was this pull to be in front of people that was undeniable. Networking was part of my life too, as we grew that accounting practice with word of mouth, using what I now know were very basic networking skills. At this point in my career, I knew just enough to be dangerous; however, I knew I wanted to learn more. 

It took a cross-country move from Indiana to Oregon to realize my full networking potential and what I knew and had yet to learn about networking. At my new job in Oregon, I was given the opportunity to attend a networking group meeting for an organization called BNI. In 2001, I had never heard of BNI. That first meeting I attended in March, 2001 became the catalyst for many amazing events in my life. 

Fast forward two years, where I was now living in Texas and looked to join a BNI chapter. I was told I could start one in my community, which I did, and which led me to becoming a Director. I used what I was learning in my region to grow both my CPA practice and new chapters. Becoming a director gave me the opportunity to meet Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chairman of BNI, and learn directly from the leading expert on the subject. 

I also realized at this time that I was doing networking differently than other professionals. My networking mindset seemed a bit different than others in the CPA world and the networking world.

It was in 2008 when I found another person who thought as I did. Amazingly enough, it was another accountant. Through a mutual friend, I met Amy Kilpatrick at a BNI Directors Conference and the world turned upside-down. From the idea of writing a book together, we developed Nspired Networking Enterprises, LLC. We knew we had a good idea and confirmed that with the first presentation we did at the BNI International Directors Conference in November 2008. The world’s top networkers came up to us after that presentation and said we changed the way they looked at networking. Now our little book project had grown into something way more than Amy or I could have ever imagined it would.

A Little Bit of Today

Like many entrepreneurs, we had our bumps and learning curves mixed with amazing early success. All of these experiences helped us to build what Nspired is today. Our signature workshop, Connect the DotsTM  has developed in a through consulting package, The Nspired NetworkerTM. This compilation of the Master Your NetworkTM series takes participants from the basics of networking to becoming an Nspired NetworkerTM. It gives participants the terminology, skills, and theories for networking, with a plan of action to implement them for success. 

The next program I am developing with the Nspired team is a companion program to Amy’s SASSY Lady, called Networking with S.W.A.G. This program will use the same Core EssencesTM of the S.A.S.S.Y.TM program, with a focus on men and how we relate in those key areas.

The biggest joy I have is watching someone get the ideas we are teaching and how they can impact their business and their lives. That “a-ha moment” gives me such an amazing sense of accomplishment that our material changed one person. Networking has brought me great business success. It has also brought me great personal success.

That is our success story. Amy so summed up what we do when she came up with our philosophy, “Nspire Others”.

A Little Bit of Tomorrow

The future of Nspired goes so far beyond anything Amy and I envisioned in those first meetings in 2008. We have an online training system, NspiredU.com, that will enable our clients to learn on their schedule. Our additions to the Nspired Executive Team allowed us to create the Certification Program, so our message can spread to even more people.

Oh, and that book idea I presented to Amy back in 2008? Well, 2015 will see that dream come to life.

Amy and I share a dream to spread the Nspired message to international audiences. Our passports are ready to be stamped!

I firmly believe people are brought into your life for a reason. Sometimes the reason is clear. Amy and I both believe we met for a reason to change each other’s lives and help so many others in the process. She shared her story where the Nspired name came from, and I had the same belief. It is our desire to share that belief with you and be part of your success story!

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My Bio

David Crumbaugh, a practicing CPA and long-time entrepreneur, keeps himself busy as Vice President/Co-Founder of Nspired Networking Enterprises, LLC in addition to his CPA work. David is an in-demand presenter of programs to assist professionals in growing their business without spending a lot of money. 

David's background allows him to bring a unique perspective to his presentations. The simple techniques and real life examples he demonstrates help business professionals understand the importance of networking and how that skill is separate and distinct from sales and marketing. Beyond the theory, David will give you practical ways to apply the techniques to your individual business, making you an "Intentional Networker".

David has written articles for various publications. He has been a guest speaker on various business radio shows around the nation.  

David enjoys quality time with his number one raving fan, Samantha Jackson, and their kids Dylan, Avery and Abigail.  He also enjoys watching sports, with a particular passion for the Cincinnati Reds and Indiana University basketball.  

David and Samantha share a passion for 80s music, good food, good friends and bourbon! 

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