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Manage your word-of-mouth referrals more successfully by mastering the essentials.

The basics have been broken into nine courses that start with discussing key concepts, terminology and roles of the referral partners.  This collection of progressive trainings cover all the basics that are needed for a professional to begin their introduction into referral marketing by providing practical methods for ensuring clear communication between word-of-mouth referral partners.  Walk away with the knowledge that you have a successful game plan to increase your referrals.  

Benefits to Attending

  • Gain an understanding of word-of-mouth and referral marketing
  • Assess your skills and techniques in communicating with your referral partners
  • Identify five levels of referrals that are crucial to the success of maintaining a referral pipeline
  • Turn awkward sales pitches into referral trainings
  • Develop a strategy for time management
  • Communicate more effectively with your referral partners

Who Should Attend

The Business Professional

  • Who is interested in broadening their skills in word-of-mouth and referral marketing by developing a communication tool that allows them to turn their network into referral partners.
  • Who wants to capitalize on a tried and true networking formula that will maximize their networking efforts.
  • Who are currently in a network of referral partners or those who wish to develop a network.
  • Who has experienced more challenges than successes in 1-2-1 networking and are looking for simple yet effective tools to help make them worth their time and effort. 

Topics Covered

  • Discovering and exploring the fundamentals of word-of-mouth marketing
  • Identifying the "Ideal Client"
  • Learning 5 levels of referral generators
  • Gaining an understanding of Key Words that create action within your network
  • Building a Referral Training Moment in 10 simple steps
  • Moving from "Self" to "Team"

Course Descriptions

How to BECOME an Intentional Networker

Stop wasting both your time and money in attending "networking events" with little to no direct results to increasing your client base.  

How to SPEAK the Language of Referrals

Get to know the language of networking and grasp the significance of word choice in referral marketing. 

How to GROW as an Efficient & Effective Networker

This course will help you boost your networking skills to the next level, whether you are a new or experienced networker.

How to SHIFT From Sales Mode to Networking Mode

This eye-opening workshop will help you understand how to identify when you are in sales mode or networking mode and why it is important to know the difference. 

How to HOLD Efficient and Effective 1-2-1s

Tired of wasting your time and filling up your calendar with no-result meetings. Discover how to create a climate of trust and confidence while meeting with your referral partners that will begin and maintain a productive referral relationship. 


How to RECOGNIZE Your Ideal Client Base

In this course, you will discover the process that will enable you to clearly identify your Ideal Client Base so you can begin the process of training your referral partners to bring you your Ideal Referral!

How to WORK Both Contact Spheres & Power Teams

This course will teach about both of these concepts and how to identify how each when worked separately can generate a referral pipeline.

How to BUILD a Successful Referral Training Moment

Learn the 10 Steps that will help you build a roadmap to successfully training your referral partners.

How to ENHANCE Your Referral Training Moment

So now it is time to take your referral training moment to the next level so that you have multiple ways to educate your referral partners. 

Other Opportunities

Training Formats Options: (16 Training Hours)

  • Fast Track Format: Two(2) Full 8-Hour Days, Back-to-Back
  • 4X4 Format: Four(4) 4-Hour Sessions, Scheduled on a week or bi-week basis.


  • 3-9 Team Members, $695 Per Person*
  • 10-25 Team Members, $645 Per Person*
  • For larger teams, please contact us for pricing

*Price includes training material


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