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Achieve Success Through Strategic Alliance Marketing 

Now that you have mastered the basics, it is time to take what you learned an implement your growth plan.  The next eight courses have been developed for our intermediate level networker and are focused on the full development of Referral Power Teams.  There are many steps in implementing a successful Strategic Alliance relationship with a Referral Power Team, and we have broken them into eight courses that have been designed to have a positive impact. 

Benefits to Attending

  • Gain an understanding that networking is strategic
  • Master the fundamentals of effectively communicating with your referral partners
  • Assess the qualities of the prospects to find qualified professionals
  • Acquire techniques on how to invite someone to your Referral Power Team
  • Learn to set a vision for the Referral Power Team to keep everyone excited and moving in the same direction
  • Use your enhanced understanding of the Key Words and the Language of Referrals to communicate with your Referral Power Team
  • Teach the other departments of your business how they can support the Referral Power Tam
  • Turn ideas in to real action plans by learning how to use social media and joint workshops to generate referrals for the Power Partners

Who Should Attend

The Business Professional

  • Who wants to gain a significant advantage over their competition
  • Who wants to learn how to work their network that they have developed
  • Who currently has a network, but is lacking the knowledge of what to do next
  • Who is tired of being in a group that has multiple levels of commitments from the participants
  • Who are in a one-way referral relationship and wish to turn it into a win-win for both

Topics Covered

  • Identifying prospects for the Referral Power Team
  • How to invite prospects to join the Referral Power Team
  • Agendas for effective and efficient meetings
  • Learning to listen for key words from your referral partners
  • How to use social media and other online functions to support your Referral Partners
  • How to successful host a joint event that creates a win-win for the Referral Partners
  • How to disengage from a non-productive referral partnership

Course Descriptions

How to IDENTIFY Y​our Referral Power Team Prospects

Identify quality business professionals who share your "Ideal Client Base"

How to FILL Your Referral Power Team

After identifying WHO you want, you have to learn HOW to get them to participate in your referral power team.

How to RUN a Referral Power Team Meeting

More than receiving an agenda, you will learn how to create a vision that will guide your team to referral success.


Learn how word choice can make a difference in the quality and quantity of the referrals you receive.  

How to SUPPORT Your Referral Power Team

Learn how to GIVE referrals to your Referral Power Team members.

How to INTRODUCE Your Referral Power Team

Learn strategies that can help you introduce your power team to your clients without "selling" to them.

How to SPOTLIGHT Your Referral Power Team

Showcase your referral partners by using your website, social media, newsletters and other creative tools.

How to PLAN An Event with Your Referral Power Team

Walk away from this course with simple templates on how to host joint events with your referral team members that will allow EVERYONE to increase revenue without increasing expenses.  

Training Formats Options: (16 Training Hours)

  • Fast Track Format: Two(2) Full 8-Hour Days, Back-to-Back
  • 4X4 Format: Four(4) 4-Hour Sessions, Scheduled on a week or bi-week basis.


  • 3-9 Team Members, $695 Per Person*
  • 10-25 Team Members, $645 Per Person*
  • For larger teams, please contact us for pricing

*Price includes training material


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