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  Nspired’s Sunrise-N-Strategies

  3rd Monday/Monthly  8:00am—9:30am   
  *Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities








  Nspired’s Lunch-N-Learns

  3rd Wednesday/Monthly   11:30am—1:00pm            

  *Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities


  An Nspired Look at Networking      on LinkedIn—Basic

  AM Option: 4th Monday/Monthly  8:00 AM—10:00 AM

  PM Option: 3rd Monday/Monthly  6:00 PM—8:00PM

  *Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

  An Nspired Look at Networking   on LinkedIn—Level 2

  AM Option: 4th Wednesday/Monthly  8:00 AM—10:00 AM

  PM Option: 3rd Wednesday/Monthly  6:00 PM—8:00PM

  *Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

  Nspired’s Connect The Dots:           How to BUILD a Referral Power  Team

  1st Wednesday/Monthly    8:30am—11:30am                  

  *Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

  Nspired’s Profit to Profitable:   How to  MAKE money from your  existing client base

  1st Wednesday/Monthly    1:00pm—4:00pm                

  *Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

  Nspired’s Master Your Network  LIVE WORKSHOP (2 DAYS)

  September 8th-9th        8:00am—5:00pm

  November 10th-11th     8:00am—5:00pm

  *Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

 Nspired’s Strategic Power  Partners (Invitation Only)

  Friday/Weekly               8:00am—10:00am


 Nspired’s Train-The-Trainer  Program



Other Opportunities

Registration Information


Enroll Today! Hurry, our seats fill fast. Guarantee your enrollment by paying your tuition today. You will receive a confirmation once your registration is complete. Payment is due before the program.

Please Note

  • You will be notified by email, fax and/or mail if any changes are made to your scheduled program (i.e., date, venue, city or cancellation).
  • Walk-in registrations will be accepted as space allows.
  • Please, no audio or video recording.
  • Lunch and parking expenses are not incuded.
  • Dressing in layers is recommended due to room temperature variations. 
  • You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the program.

Tax Deduction

If the purpose of attending a Nspired Networking seminar is to help you maintain or improve skills related to employment or business expenses related to the program may be tax-deductible according to I.R.C. Reg. 1.162-5. Please consult your tax advisor.   

On-Site Training Options:

Get the Results You're Looking For!

Bring our powerful, high-impact training program to your organization and show your employees you're serious about their professional growth and achieving critical organizational goals and objectives.  

Choose the Right Courses for You!

Nspired Networking offers a range of courses that can be matched to your industry and your teams needs.  each training provides a learning experience that is engaging, interesting and intreguing!

We'll help you choose the appropriate courses for your organization and tailor each one to address your specific goals, issues and scheduling concerns. 

Maximize Your Training Budget!

On-site training allows you to train work groups, teams and entire departments for less than the cost of traditional public seminars or othe rtraining options. 

Give your team the skills, knowledge and confidence they ned to meet tough workplace challenges head-on, realize their full potential and perform at their peak.  

For a free consultation, call us at 1-888-977-6764.  

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What to expect on this call

We will go over:

Your business,

Your target market,

Your goals,

Then we will share 2-4 ideas that you can apply to move toward your goals.

At the end of the 30-minutes, you will be asked just 2 questions:

Do the ideas we shared, sound like an effective plan for you? Would you like help moving forward? That's it.

No pressure. No obligation. No contract. 

If you want to grow your business faster and easier than you thought possible schedule your FREE call today!


Upcoming Workshops