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Picking the right training program can be tricky. 

We understand that you want to make sure that the material is relevant and the trainers are professional and qualified.   Here at Nspired we strive to make those two things a priority for us as well.

By partnering with our Nspired trainers, you will learn how:

  • To generate more referrals for your firm.  

  • To increase your conversion rate from opportunities to signed engagements.  

  • To build an IDEAL CLIENT BASE

  • To empower your team to engage in networking activities.

  • To increase your retention rate on renewal engagements.

  • To add extra value to your client relationships.


That is why we feel Nspired is the right choice for you. We have the experience in delivering our programs to professionals in your field and train you different techniques and skills that will help you connect with other professionals to build a win-win referral partnership. 

We have put together some information to help you make an informed decision to let us Nspire YOU about networking!

Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals by Building a Banking & Finance Referral Power Team

Top professionals in the industry understand that no one refers more clients to other businesses than banking and financial professionals. They also recognize the importance of capitalizing on the power of this strategic networking plan by developing a banking and finance referral power team.  

Professionals with a strong banking and finance referral power team know how to accumulate a network of professionals all working to refer them clients. Starting with affiliated businesses like realtors, lawyers, accountants, to other industries like insurance, consultants, contractors and other small business owners. 

Because your clients look at you as a resource and trust your recommendations, it increases your value to other businesses that would love to  be the recipients of your referrals. We will teach you how to build that “trust” relationship so that you can feel comfortable passing those referrals AND asking for them in return.   

Our methods will teach you WHO and HOW to invite to the team and then how to TRAIN them to bring you referrals.

Call us today at 1-888-977-6764 or Use this simple tool to setup an appointment to talk with an Nspired Consultant.  We work with both firms and individuals.  


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12 Signs That Referral Marketing May Be Right for You


1. You want to increase your referrals.

2. You want to add value to your existing clients.

3. You are attending networking events with little to no results. 

4. You have a limited marketing and advertisement budget.

5. You are new to a community and have yet to establish relationships

6. You have exhausted your personal contacts and they are no longer taking your calls.

7. You have a fear of speaking in public and have a hard time telling others how to refer you.

8. You are tired of setting up business meetings that turn into sales pitches.

9. You are really good at providing your product/service but need help in growing your business.

10. You keep setting goals, but never seem to reach them.

11. You want your existing clients to refer you. 

12. You are tired of COLD CALLS.


Referral marketing may be the tool you are looking for to turn these challenges around.  

Referral marketing is sometimes considered one of the simplest forms of marketing, and if utilized correctly it can create a high return on investment. 



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What to expect on this call:

  • We will go over your business, your target market and your goals
  • Then we will share 2-4 ideas that you can apply to move toward your goals. 

At the end of the 30-minutes, you will be asked just two(2) questions:

  1. Do the ideas we shared, should like an effective plan for you?
  2. Would you like help moving forward?

That's it.

No pressure. No obligation. No contract.