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Aliyah Baker

Multiline Sales Representative

As a sales professional, I believe it's vital to develop referral networking skills. Developing the right relationships has a direct effect on referral maximization. With that said, I had the pleasure to learn how to become more strategic in referral networking from the BEST! My company asked Amy Kilpatrick to come in for a two-part training series on intentional Referral Networking. These seminars were dynamic and certainly helped each team member cultivate and hone in on crucial networking skills. After taking Amy's seminar, I watched as my number of referral partners increased along with my referrals/sales. In Quarter 1, my referrals from referral partner sources were between 13% - 20%. After having the privilege of taking Amy Kilpatrick's course, Quarter 3 referral numbers increased to a staggering 70% - 75%! That's what I call results! I believe any sales organization, no matter the size, should use Amy Kilpatrick if they're serious about becoming intentional networkers and increasing sales! 

Amy, thank you for developing this impactful training program! 

Amy is excellent at training on networking and changing how people build their business. She is committed to helping others change the way they look at the people around them. She taught me to first look at how I can help others and it will always come back to me....not to do it for that reason but because the more you help others, the more they will want to help you. You will learn that an individual is not just one source but multiple sources of growth and inspiration.

Amy is a skilled networking coach and a valuable asset to anyone that wants to build their business through strategic business alliances. As a Florida commercial realtor building a Power Team, Amy gave straight-forward, easy to understand advice that will help our team build stronger, more effective referral partnerships.


Amy's passion is evident in everything she does. If you have never had the chance to hear her give a presentation then you are missing out. She is one of those rare individuals that really speaks from the heart. She will leave you feeling pumped up and excited. I highly recommend her services.

I highly recommend Amy's Nspired course and educational conference calls for any business entrepreneur wishing to become a networking master. Her techniques have proven to be a boon in generating sales in my company. 

Amy's teaching have made an amazing impact on the results my team and I have at networking events. She gave very simple and easy advise and tips that really work. We actually look forward to networking events now because of the opportunities we know they will bring.

I have recently had the pleasure of attending two of the presentations given by NSpired with Amy Kilpatrick. My first workshop to attend was "Connect The Dots" and just recently I attended "The IT Factor." Both of these presentations were on target with helping business owners, managers and employees understand how networking is an essential component of any successful business. Amy has a stage presence that captivates her audience and she's straight forward and to the point with her message leaving her audience energized and ready to get back to work and make a difference! I can't wait to hear her next presentation and learn more helpful hints from the expert!

Thrilled you are bringing this to our area, This is a great action packed high energy training that you will thoroughly enjoy. It is high speed from start to finish, I had so many idea's running through my head it was difficult to know which one to start with. If you are a slow starter in the morning get some coffee or red bull to start, she will take care of energizing you for the rest of the day!

Amy is such a sweetheart! She can't help herself... she just gives and gives and gives. Her passion is obvious: helping others connect and grow their businesses. Her unique perspective is dead-on and eye opening. One of the smartest and most compassionate women I know. If you've got questions about how to grow your network and your business, Amy is THE one to connect with!

“Amy and David really started that “why didn’t I think of this before?!” process.  Who’d of thought “dynamic” and “accountants” would be used in the same sentence?”

“I had so much fun just watching David and Amy do such an awesome job during your breakout session. I look forward to supporting you in your future endeavors with Nspired.”

“We had  an unexpected opportunity to host NSpired in Houston…  And Amy Kilpatrick’s radiant personality and dynamic presentation style captivated our members during the entire presentation.

…Literally by popular demand, we are already booking Amy for a return trip to Houston!  They love her!”

“I have just listened to your CD…great stuff. I am confident people have already told you this but it never hurts to hear it again. Thanks you! Great job! We down under loved the material.”

Sales training...we've all done it. But, do you really know how to NETWORK? Amy's programs will help you increase your networking results!! She is a fabulous presenter and will get you, your sales staff or franchise owners thinking about networking in a new and much more profitable way. Highly recommended!!!

Amy has a powerful message to share about helping business identify and focus on their target markets. She has a special charm about her that is as warm as her southern smile. I highly recommend that you look into what Nspired is doing to raise the bar for enhancing the art of building your network. 

I met Amy at an Augusta Chamber Women In Business luncheon where she was a guest speaker. I was impressed by her knowledge and energy, and asked her to do a training session on networking with my management staff. Amy did an excellent job at helping us understand the difference between effective networking, sales, and public relations. Her concepts are simple and straight forward, and very effective.

I had the opportunity to spend several days in training with Amy and enjoyed formal and informal talks since then. I am amazed by Amy's dedication to her customers and doing the right things for the right reasons. Amy is also an intelligent business woman, she is and will continue to be a strong force in networking and in business. 
Amy's an inspiration to me and I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her.

I have been privileged to attend several workshops that Amy has led. I've never heard anyone more knowledgeable or passionate about networking. The ideas she has are amazing and are simple to incorporate into your business life. I look forward to my next opportunity to attend one of her workshops.